A big YouTuber started using the Brave crypto browser

Brave, the privacy-based browser with the built-in cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT), has won a prominent supporter: Joe Rogan, perhaps the most successful podcaster in the world, said in the current episode of his show that he uses Brave:“The Joe Rogan Experience” is arguably the most successful talk show on YouTube. Among the guests were several (now retired) US presidential candidates, Tesla boss Elon Musk, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and also Bitcoin (BTC) expert Andreas Antonopoulos. The YouTube channel has 8.6 million subscribers and, according to Joe Rogan, the show is downloaded around 190 million times a month as a podcast.


Podcast superstar Joe Rogan uses Brave

In a recent episode, musician, actor and comedian Reggie Watts was a guest. In the two and a half hour conversation, Rogan and Watts also came up with the Brave Browser, a more privacy-friendly alternative to Google Chrome. Both said they would use it, as would DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine.Joe Rogan recently made a hit by signing an exclusive deal with the audio streaming platform Spotify. The comedian is said to have received $ 100 million to broadcast his show there only in the future. This is reminiscent of the agreement between YouTube and PewDiePie, according to which the entertainer is allowed to broadcast exclusively on the mainstream video platform and no longer on the crypto alternative DLive.