Bitcoin: can it reach over 25,000 USD? Max Keizer thinks it can

Bitcoin is trading above $ 10,000 again, so it’s high time for bullish price forecasts.

After a long wait, the Bitcoin price freed itself from its tough consolidation phase at the beginning of the week and has been circling the $ 11,000 mark since then. No wonder that this is accompanied by speculation about the further course development. The case is clear for Max Keizer. The moderator of Keizer Report and declared Bitcoin-maximalist sees the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization directly in the six-figure range. Accordingly, his “insider tip” reads like an announcement: “Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 and destroy anyone who stands in its way.”

The latest course jump marks – according to Keizer – the starting signal for a long rally. Before doing so, BTC is heading for its milestone: “Bitcoin takes a clear path to $ 28,000.”

Then it goes down again. After the course correction, the path for Bitcoin – according to Keizer – is clear towards $ 100,000. The forecasts probably correspond more to the wishful thinking category. The assessments have little to do with profound analysis. This explains the verbal failure towards Peter Schiff.