Bitcoin exchanges are making it harder for themselves

There seems to be fierce competition among the Bitcoin exchanges. This is suggested by a recently leaked document. While the Bitcoin exchange rate persistently hovers between the $ 9,000 and $ 10,000 mark, competition between the crypto exchanges appears to be intensifying. This apparently comes from a leaked document that the crypto magazine The Block has. According to the magazine, the document is a message that the managing director of Binance sent to his employees.



Changpeng Zhao explains that Binance is being fought by competing Bitcoin exchanges with DDoS attacks and the spread of fake news. In addition, the competition is supposed to regularly organize fake protests by supposed Binance users – there have even been advertisements against the Bitcoin exchange. But the managing director of the world’s largest crypto exchange is calling for a fight.

“They may think they might hurt us because they think we don’t have a good relationship with the government in China. But both are wrong. We never proactively attack others, but we will definitely defend ourselves, including a defensive offensive.” -Changpeng Zhao


So far, there has been no official confirmation of the document when asked by The Block. However, as the magazine emphasizes, it has several internal Binance sources that confirm the authenticity of the document.