Bitcoin’s last day is a deadly mistake, its self-proclaimed creator says

In an November 2018 interview, self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright guarantees that BTC would succumb to a fatal error in its code “by the end of 2019”. His precise words were that “there will be no BTC at the end of next year”.


Craig Wright again … wrong?

Today is the last day on which this supposed “fatal mistake” can have its supposedly devastating effects on the crypto-father. However, Bitcoin continues to hold its ground with strong fundamentals and a relatively constant price in the lower $ 7,000 region.

Wright may have thought he could boost his Altcoin “Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision” (BSV) by panicking BTC investors.

Wright has predicted several times in the past that BSV will exceed $ 1,200 by the end of 2019. At the time of writing, however, the plagued cryptocurrency hovers at only about $ 95 – and there are only a few hours left until the start of the new year.

Despite all the scaremongering, Bitcoin has managed to establish itself as an asset with top values ​​in 2019. In terms of return, the cryptocurrency was the best commodity of the year.

In fact, no other commodity – including palladium, gold, silver, platinum, and gasoline – came anywhere near as close to Bitcoin’s performance.

It’s not just about ROI. Bitcoin is also on the rise in hash rate. The hash rate is often seen as a reliable indicator of the level of acceptance.

In this regard, the crypto community has a good reason to be bullish – the network hash rate continuously exceeds the 100 million TH / s barrier. For many analysts, this is a clear sign: Bitcoin is going up.
All in all, it remains interesting to see what excuse Craig Wright (also mockingly referred to as faketoshi or fake satoshi) is now using to justify the scaremongering about the future of Bitcoin and all of his death predictions.