BitcoinSV is very very proud of their work

The Bitcoin Association has released its annual report. In it, the organization behind Bitcoin SV gives insights into its own operations – and hardly holds back with self-praise.Bitcoin SV claims to be the only true version of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and already indicates this in its own name. “SV” is the abbreviation for “Satoshis Vision” – the only (correct) vision of the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. It will come as no surprise that Craig Wright – the Australian businessman who claims to have invented BTC – is behind the project.


War child BTC SV

In 2018 there was a spin-off. The SV team campaigned for larger blocks and became BTC SV in the course of the “Hash Wars” with Bitcoin Cash. Since then, Wright has never tire of trying to go to court (so far in vain) to assert his claims. And the Bitcoin Association is working hard to polish its shine.


“As enthusiasm for Satoshi’s vision has grown, our organization has expanded its scope – and also the required team – as we accelerate our efforts to adapt Bitcoin SV more. This annual report summarizes what we have achieved in our first year on paper. But there is no report that can put the spirit of our supporters on paper”,

 BTC-SV chairman Jimmy Nguyen thanks the Bitcoin SV team at the start of the report.