Blockchain as an Opportunity Against Unemployment? Africa might take try something

Africa – generally a good cryptocurrency market?

Follow the developments around the corona virus or insight into the chances of the blockchain? These days it is never quite clear why states and companies increasingly want to trust the possibilities of blockchain technology. While the strategy in Germany is at least apparently on ice because of the fight against the economic effects of the virus, something is happening in South Africa. The presidential commission responsible for economic developments there is making an effort to integrate the use of blockchain into its own activities increasingly quickly. At the very least, the Commission is currently of the opinion that blockchain can contribute to reducing unemployment in the country. It is unlikely that South Africa will play a leading role in terms of acceptance worldwide.


Conference wants to open up new areas

The most recent blockchain conference on the African continent creates hope. The construction industry in the region is just one sector in which technology shows opportunities. Even taking into account the gross domestic product of the countries of Africa, there are a number of voices that have pointed out possible advantages of blockchain. An important topic: The fight against corruption, which continues to be a major issue for South Africa in particular, as Mpho Dagada, as a member of the so-called “Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)”, mentioned during the talks. In the field of mining, the blockchain can ensure data transparency.