Bullish bitcoin speculation reach new all-time highs

One of the big hobbies of crypto analysts are assessments of Bitcoin price development. At the moment these tend to be ultra-bullish. About the difference between analyzes and hopium and the struggle for substantial analyzes.

“Analyst: Bitcoin rally on the way”, “Analysts are convinced: Bitcoin will rise sharply”, “Bitcoin according to top analysts before breakout” – the amount of such headlines is growing just as inflationarily as the money supply of the US dollar. Especially before halving, this increases again and makes it difficult to search the virtual leaf forest for substantial articles.Sure: “Analyst etches through analysis” is somehow an oxymoron. I am also not concerned with badly talking to other analysts or magazines. If it were up to me, a fair number of numbers, I would love to read more meaningful analyzes.


Problem is common

Unfortunately, the problem is all too common that, with the exception of a bullish heading, such analyzes do not offer much more. Admittedly, they offer hope. Hopium is a thorn in the eye of many in the Bitcoin scene, so that some Bitcoiners understandably roll their eyes over the umpteenth ultra-bullish price forecast. There’s nothing to be said against hope, but announcements like John McAfee’s classic bet or “this is the last time we saw the Bitcoin rate below $ xxxyyy” are different. They try to position themselves based on current market sentiment and are accordingly not analysts.