Capital flight from Asia on the Bitcoin Express: According to Keizer

Bitcoin is one of the few ways to create a whole fortune abroad, according to Bitcoin bull Max Keizer.
Capital flight from Asia is one of the main reasons Bitcoin (BTC) hit new highs in August 2020, as a well-known Bitcoin proponent believes. Max Keizer, a famous American presenter and well-known Bitcoin bull, is certain that mounting tensions in Asia are one of the factors behind the Bitcoin rally to $ 12,000.

“You can’t take it with you unless it’s Bitcoin”
In a tweet on Aug. 10, Keizer said Bitcoin was a solid way to get large amounts of money when crossing borders abroad. According to Keizer, many people in Asia are using Bitcoin to get their money off the continent as geopolitical tensions could affect markets. “Capital flight from Asia on the Bitcoin Express,” said Keizer.
Keizer compared Bitcoin to gold, which is considered one of the safest ports in the world. He argued that Bitcoin was one of the few ways to move an entire fortune overseas. Keizer said, “You can’t take it with you unless it’s Bitcoin. Then you can take ALL of it with you (which is almost impossible with gold).” It was recently reported that Chinese citizens illegally entered the United States with gold bars valued at $ 28,000.