Craig Wright threatened Bitcoin price manipulation

There are many predictions for halving, none of which has yet come true. Among them is the “announcement with a long lead time” by the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright from 2018. He claimed that he wanted to drop the Bitcoin price.


Ignored at the time

Wright’s threat came shortly before the highly anticipated fork from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, which culminated in the creation of Bitcoin SV.Though there were some people who actually believed that something like this could happen, many people dismissed the threat as typical bragging and self-expression of Wright at the time.


Empty threats

Wright claimed that he would enter a “rolling iceberg” sell order on an exchange, followed by substantial orders on other exchanges. Iceberg orders are divided into small batches with visible and hidden parts. The hidden parts only become visible when the visible parts have been executed.This should cause the BTC course to crash significantly. With a short position with 10 times leverage, he also wanted to capitalize on it.At the same time, Wright planned to throttle the network hashrate and refuse all transactions except “undetected SegWit transactions to miners and our own exchange transactions”.