Dogecoin “CEO” Elon Musk sends astronauts into space

Former PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, who was elected unofficial CEO of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, was the first private entrepreneur to launch spacecraft on May 30, 2020.“For the first time, a private company will fly into space instead of a government agency,” Fox News notes on May 27. The news broadcaster added: “It is also the first time since 2011 that astronauts have started from American soil.”


The meteoric rise of SpaceX

Musk, who is best known today as the managing director of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, entered space travel with his company SpaceX in early 2000. The company then quickly attracted considerable progress. Today, in cooperation with NASA, the Musk company launched two astronauts into space with the “Crew Dragon” spacecraft, which is operated by a Falcon 9 rocket. This is the company’s first manned flight in SpaceX’s 18-year history. The start was originally planned for May 27, but this had to be postponed due to bad weather conditions.


Elon Musk and crypto

Although Elon Musk is not directly involved in the crypto industry, he has repeatedly commented on cryptocurrencies in the past. The former PayPal co-founder has considerable experience in the payment industry, but claims to own only 0.25 Bitcoin (BTC).Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency seems to be Dogecoin (DOGE), as it has often positively highlighted the “ironic” cryptocurrency. It is therefore not surprising that Musk was named the unofficial “managing director” of the crypto project in a joke survey.