Ducking silver, hidden oil market

The gold price has been rising steadily over the past 30 days, reclaiming the high it had seen before the big price drop in March. Gold ended the week at $ 1,662 an ounce. But the same was not true for silver, whose price decline was more pronounced. Now its price marking is smaller. Silver ended the week at $ 15.19.You don’t have to look at the gold-silver ratio, which is currently beyond good and bad, to see that the world has gone mad. Silver is known to have industrial and monetary demand.


Slump in economic activity

Due to the slump in economic activity in the face of the corona virus, the industrial component of silver was significantly reduced.Many lives of impoverished people will be lost. That is the iron law of the economy. There is no way around it. If you offer them subsidies, take only precious capital from those who are still solvent to feed those who are insolvent and unemployed. You need capital to hire someone. So by taking capital from those who are solvent, the government is simply plunging more people into unemployment.The nuts of modern money theory, you guessed it, print money to solve all of these problems. Some of them now call us spinners themselves.