Ex-Ripple employee now works for Google’s payment system

While Facebook is not really making progress with its libra, Google could try its own cryptocoin. So far these are just rumours, but Google wants to overhaul its payment system for Google Chrome and has hired an ex-employee of Ripple to do so.


Crypto News: Ex-Ripple employee now works for Google’s payment system

Officially Google is working on creating a new Payment Handler API for the iOS version of Google Chrome. Adrian Hope-Bailie, who already worked for Ripple among others, was hired for this. The goal is to create a uniform protocol with the new payment system, which will provide even more protection against fraud.

It is now assumed that the original Ripple idea could be implemented with the help of Google – will Google create its own cryptocoin for this? XRP enthusiasts are again trying to use the message to push the XRP course by claiming that there might be an implementation of the XRP for the new Google payment system.

So far, however, Google has always positioned itself as an opponent of cryptocoins. For example, the Google App Store recently blocked MetaMask, a popular app for Ethereum and other tokens.