Financial analyst sees the crisis as an opportunity for Bitcoin to rise

There is a lot of talk about him, a lot of speculation and analysis, but nobody really understands him: the Bitcoin course. It’s a shame, because like in other markets, it could make a lot of money. It is no wonder that there are a number of models and forecasts that try to predict them. By far the best known and most well-founded model is the Stock-to-Flow Model (S2F) from PlanB. This predicts a BTC price of $ 100,000 for December 2021.According to the financial analyst and podcaster Preston Pysh, this forecast is still very conservative. He sees Bitcoin’s price heading towards the $ 300,000 mark this May after halving. He sees the reason for this as the macroeconomic development of the past few months.


Halving has an impact – miners sell less

Even if a bitcoin price of $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 seems exorbitantly high at a current price of about $ 9,200, you have to give Preston Pysh a certain knack for BTC investment.According to the investor’s own statement, he sold his BTCs at a Bitcoin price of USD 18,000 in December 2017 and only bought them back at much cheaper prices in early 2019. But that, of course, by no means justifies his forecast. Fortunately, there are other fundamental factors that underpin Pysh’s optimistic mood.A first analysis after the Bitcoin Halving shows that the selling pressure of the Bitcoin sold by the miners has decreased so shortly after the Halving.