Gavin Andresen doubting that Craight Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin inventor

New published testimony suggests that Gavin Andresen now doubts that Craig Wright is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. The testimony in question, which was recorded in the legal dispute between Wright and the heirs of his former business partner David Kleiman, shows that Andresen was asked whether he still believed Wright to be Satoshi. Andresen replied that he had initially assumed that Wright was hiding behind the pseudonym of the inventor of Bitcoin. Over time, however, he would have had doubts about this assumption.


Andresen says:

“When he proved it to me, he would have had the opportunity to dupe me. Maybe someone exchanged the software that they used for it or maybe the laptop on which I saw it was not new at all, but was manipulated in advance. I also had jet lag at the time. In addition, I never thought about whether it could prove to the whole world that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Rather, I approached the attitude of whether he can personally prove to me that he is Nakamoto. And now I have doubts because the supposed evidence that was brought before me is very different from the evidence that he later presented to the rest of the world. ”