Gold coins of Germany: New 100-Euro series announced

Under the motto “Pillars of Democracy”, the Federal Republic of Germany will issue a three-part series with new 100 euro gold coins starting in 2020.

The 100-Euro gold coins of the Federal Republic of Germany are very popular among collectors. But also for investors these gold commemorative coins were again and again attractive in the past. The youngest representative of the expiring “UNESCO World Heritage” series, which has been issued annually with new motifs since 2003, caused a sensation. The 2019 gold coin “Dom zu Speyer” was often oversubscribed because the Ministry of Finance offered the piece below gold value (FRG sells 100 euro gold coin below gold value). Most prospective customers, who had pre-ordered this coin, went away empty-handed.


Now the Federal Administration Office (BVA) has announced a new series of 100 euro gold coins. There are not many details yet. Only this much: It should concern altogether three copies, which are to appear starting from 2020 as usual in annual distance. The motto is “Pillars of Democracy”. The first issue will be issued on 1 October 2020 and will bear the title “Unity”. 2021 and 2022 will be followed by “Justice” and “Freedom”. Thematically, it is the first line of the German national anthem. What exactly will be imprinted on the picture and value side is not yet known. The order deadline for the 2020 edition will not be announced until next year.