Lawyer Oliver Stauber becomes Chief Legal Officer at crypto company Bitpanda

The great hiring at Bitpanda at management level continues. After the Viennese crypto company brought former OMV manager Peter Grausgruber as CFO and former Tourradar Marketing boss Michael Pötscher as CMO into the team last year, the next appointment is now to follow: The business lawyer Oliver Stauber, who has been intensively involved with block chain and crypto currencies in the recent past, will be Bitpanda’s new Chief Legal Officer (CLO).

“Bitpanda has an excellent reputation and is playing a major role in shaping the FinTech revolution. The growth course for the next few years is set. It is precisely this plan that I will be accompanying and ensuring that Bitpanda follows all necessary rules and regulations,” Stauber said in a broadcast. “The legal area holds many exciting challenges that need to be overcome, including new regulatory requirements such as the AML5 directive, Digi Stocks and many more. I will tackle these projects at C-level to work together in a high performance organization with a talented team to shape the future of the financial industry”.


Blockchain and SPÖ

Stauber has been a registered attorney since 2014. Most recently, he advised the Upper Austrian start-up Blockpit on its security token offering (Trending Topics reported) and worked for Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte, which specialises in the block chain and crypto sector. He was also a member of the Fintech Advisory Board of the former Turquoise-Blue government and on the board of the Digital Assets Association Austria (DAAA), which deals with blockchain issues.

The lawyer also ran for the National Council in 2017 to enter parliament as a start-up representative on the SPÖ list – which didn’t work out then. With Vidaflex, he also founded a transport union for individual entrepreneurs in 2017 (Trending Topics reported).

Stauber also served for many years as deputy federal chairman of the Young Generation in the SPÖ and as a board member of the Club of Social Democratic Lawyers. He also founded the “Section without a name” in 2016 together with other SPÖ supporters.