Olympic professional athlete buys BTC

Recently we have seen interesting developments relating to the adoption of BTC and see how it is gaining momentum. To give just a few examples: More and more institutional investors and hedge funds, such as Paul Tudor Jones recently, are investing in Bitcoin, the writer J.K. Rowling started a Twitter firework display over BTC last week, the halving has increased public interest and as we reported this morning, online shops based on Shopify can now pay with cryptocurrencies like BTC. But that’s not all: as an Olympic professional athlete from the USA announced to her Twitter fans yesterday, she has now also invested in BTC.


BTC arrives at Olympia?

The athlete is Christie Pearce Rampone, a former American football player. She can be considered one of the most successful women soccer players, won Olympic gold 3 times with the US national team and became world champion twice. Due to her popularity, she also has 310,000 followers on Twitter.As she told her fans in a Twitter post on Thursday, she now belongs to the group of people who have become involved in BTC and take the first step with a purchase. After talking to Catherine Coley from Binance.US about “financial fitness”, she apparently bought her “first part of a Bitcoin”.