People still think it is still difficult to buy bitcoin

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital was a guest at CNBC’s “Closing Bell”, where he said that it was still difficult to buy Bitcoin.Novogratz assumes that if buying BTC were much easier, the price would also be much higher.Then Novogratz was interviewed about Goldman Sachs’ test, whose analysis meant that cryptocurrencies are not a profitable asset class. He then said that the traditional banking world lacks the big picture.The US investment bank’s statement shook optimism about cryptos when it advised its customers against including cryptocurrencies in their portfolio.Goldman compared Bitcoin to the tulip bubble while outlining the main reasons why it can’t be considered an asset class and listing its illegal use cases.With Paul Tudor Jones, Abigail Johnson and Jack Dorsey continuing to bank on Bitcoin, Novogratz believes that Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies no longer need validation through traditional funding to be considered a store of value.


Since 2017 a lot has changed

Since the bubble burst in 2017, retail trade has slowly shown increasing interest, which is reflected in the 14 percent growth of small addresses with at least 0.1 BTC.As early as October, Novogratz said that mutual fund giant Fidelity enables its users to buy Bitcoin directly on its platform, which would be very bullish for Bitcoin.However, should regulators begin to curtail existing Fiat deposit options for retail investors, Fundstrat’s crypto would be very bad, according to Tomm Lee.