Ripple under strong selling pressure – Long-term XRP trend is cause for concern

Ripple has almost made it to the top of the crypto market with XRP. At least in terms of market capitalization. In early 2018, XRP peaked at around $ 3.79, a market cap of $ 147 billion. Therefore, many advocates of XRP believe that the coin will not only return to its old all-time high, but could even be worth several thousand USD at some point and even throw Bitcoin off the throne. For Ripple, however, things have been going in the opposite direction for the past two years. In the following XRP chart of the past few years we can clearly see how XRP has lost enormous value not only in USD but also in BTC. Therefore, in this article we want to take a look today at what has been the reason for this strong decline in value in recent years and what the future could look like for the Ripple course.


Ripple has lost tremendous value in USD and BTC over the past few years

But let’s start with the XRP price. It is currently around $ 0.19. That means that everyone who bought at the all-time high has already lost about 95% of their investment. The market capitalization has shrunk from USD 147 billion to USD 8.3 billion. During the corona crisis, the XRP even dropped to $ 0.13.