Spanish researchers develop App to buy with Blockchain to fight against Covid-19

In the fight against the corona virus, the shared hopes of science and politics are currently weighing on smartphone apps. Spanish researchers have now developed a blockchain-based mobile application that, among other things, is intended to ensure compliance with the social distancing requirements. For example, users can use the app to obtain licenses for shopping in the supermarket. Anyone who watches talk shows, takes a look at the newspaper or clicks through the Internet will inevitably notice one thing in the discussion about the Corona virus these days: Despite all the disagreements about measures and the further timetable, politics and health experts are united in the ongoing crisis at the moment there is hope for a suitable mobile solution.


Social distancing thanks to the Corona app

Researchers at the University of Salamanca now want to have developed such software together with the Spanish Institute for Artificial Intelligence AIR. Here, the scientists want to use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to curb the spread of the pathogen SARS-CoV-2. The research team will present their idea in an interview with the engineering magazine Spectrum this Thursday, April 16.The Corona app aims to ensure that people adhere to the requirements of social distance.