Swiss company mobilizes blockchain to help fight Corona

The TIXnGO blockchain has so far been used to process tickets for concerts, soccer games and other sporting events. In the face of Corona, the same technology now allows users to securely store health data on their own mobile device.Secure platform for health data?The principle behind Health n Go is very simple. Doctors and health organizations can issue certificates on the health status of their patients via the blockchain platform.


Data encrypted

Health n Go encrypts them and links them with a unique digital identity. Individuals can then access their personal certificates via an app wallet. An integrated QR code system also simplifies the eventual display process for companies and authorities.Personalized health certificates are sensitive data, however. Health n Go therefore promises that the blockchain-based identity system should protect against duplication and identity theft. The use of artificial intelligence offers additional protection against attempted fraud. The system should also meet the high legal data protection requirements for health data.