Telegram facing a future that is unforeseeable

Fast and secure messaging promises Telegram with its blockchain project. However, the current situation threatens this project and could force it to give up. It is reported that some large investors are already demanding their investment back, which could destroy Telegram in the current financial situation.


Crypto News: Telegram facing an uncertain future

A Russian site reports that investors are leaving and want to leave the Telegram Open Network (TON). Allegedly, they have already asked for a refund of their investment (original source).These are investors who collectively raised around three quarters of the total investment that TON made possible in the first place. It was actually planned to distribute the official GRAM token in the network in April. But after this date was questioned again, some major investors seemed to have rethought their investment. If you withdraw your investment, the current situation around the corona virus and the collapse of the financial system could well lead to the end of the Telegram project.We should know whether this will happen next month at the latest.