The crypto world is holding its breath

The corona crisis does not stop at the crypto ecosystem either, and so more and more events are canceled and moved far away. The most recent example: the Blockchain Summit in Tokyo, the largest crypto event in Japan.

In view of current developments, more and more countries are enforcing assembly bans. Cultural sites, educational institutions, sports fields, swimming pools and now also large parts of the retail trade are affected by the measures and have to be closed. Crypto events, like the recent Blockchain Summit in Tokyo, will be canceled or postponed until further notice.


Blockchain events exposed across the board

The measures against the corona virus also hit the event industry with full force. Tourism collapses due to the imposed entry and exit bans and events are canceled in many places. Now the Blockchain Summit in Tokyo has been officially postponed by the organizers to protect the “summit participants, speakers and sponsors”. A replacement date for the summit is scheduled for September 28th. The Blockchain Summit is the largest crypto scene meeting in Japan with 2,000 participants and should take place on April 22.

In addition to the Blockchain Summit, a large number of crypto events had to be canceled across borders. The start of the Blockchain Week Summit 2020 taking place in Paris has already been moved from March 31 to December 9. The organizers of Bitcoin 2020 in San Francisco and the organizers of the DC Blockchain Summit 2020 in Washington are still looking for alternative dates. Both events were previously scheduled for late March. And the Asia Ctrypto Week in Hong Kong has already been postponed to October 5th to 11th, as well as the ANON Summit 2020 in Vienna, which is now dated October 21st to 22nd.