The demand goes too far: Münze Austria advises not to panic buy

The Mint Austria cannot complain about a lack of demand even in the Corona crisis. At the mint, the phones run hot due to the unusually large number of purchase requests for gold and other precious metals. However, not only the service lines, as spokeswoman Andrea Lang explains, but also the generation: “We continue to produce,” she says in relation to the recent surge in demand: “It is not necessary to panic.”


Investement coins

According to Lang, the Austrian mint is part of the critical infrastructure, since in addition to collector and investment coins, it also produces everyday euro and cent coins. Production will therefore be maintained – albeit with a restriction due to the temporary closure of three precious metal refineries in Switzerland until the beginning of April: “We have a shortage of bars, some products are already sold out.”


Philharmonic available (might not be available anymore)

However, Lang emphasizes that the most important investment product of the Austrians, the Philharmonic coins in gold and silver, is still available. Platinum ones will be available again in April. Collector coins will be dispatched as planned, namely the next edition of the knight series on April 15th. The only difference: there will not be the usual long lines on the day of issue in front of the Mint Austria shop. You can still order online and by phone.